Utah Images cont…

In Utah for a few days staying with our son and daughter-in-law  celebrating the holidays and the birth of their first child (and our second grandson.)

Several images captured in between activities.  I captured the horse images right along the highway (189 i think) coming into Heber. I had first noticed the group on the way into town, and on the frequent quick trips to Park City… I just knew I had to get some images before leaving.

I bundled up and made the walk from their house, probably about two miles round-trip in the snow… but it was totally worth it!


High School Senior Photo Shoot - Conceptual

Eliza Conceptual Senior Portrait Shoot

Last month I received a call from the Mother of Eliza inquiring about the possibility of shooting a old style photo session for her daughter who works at a vintage clothing store here in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I had never done something like this but I was totally up for it. Session was fun, although Eliza was the quiet type- she seemed so natural and relaxed. She brought along old 45 vinyl records and old fashion magazines. Photos turned out great. A very satisfied client which is my goal each time I pick up the camera!

Personal Choice, Negative or Positive?

We’ve all had personal experiences of waiting in line to buy something…whether it was groceries, presents, or paying at the gas station. In front or behind someone that smiled, offered conversation or others that seemed angry, preoccupied, and wondering why they have to wait. At times interacting… but most-often not. Each of us living and rushing through the hours of daily LIFE. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the time to “Live in the Moment” and embrace those we may meet on the highway of life.
I’m sure each of us does in fact… have an experience or two…where perhaps they were in the same elevator with someone, or the line at McDonald’s… and started talking to a person in line, or mentally developing opinions of them.

Life has taught me that first impressions and initial first judgement of a person… are not always accurate.
I was once a frequent business traveler, heavy windshield and airline time. One trip will stay fresh in my memory forever.… I was running late and barely arrived in time to board. Entering the cabin, I could see that the only seat available was in the back next to a woman who was a bit overweight, and did not appear to have the best hygiene. Frankly, she seemed out of place…on an airplane. An everyday person’s natural reaction would have to immediately put her in the “Homeless” category.
As I weaved my way through the aisle our eyes met. Steps later, I asked for permission to sit next to her. I squeezed in, quickly sorting through my carry-ons, and then settled in… closing my eyes. I’d hoped a nap would make the trip and time go faster…my heart still racing from running to the boarding area.
Within a thirty seconds… I heard her softly say “you remind me of my son.” I slowly opened my eyes and turned to her and smiled. I asked why she would say that, and asked to see a picture of him (if she carried one). She reached into her canvas bag and pulled one out her billfold. After viewing, while I appreciated the comment, I responded that there was little to no facial resemblance. She looked into my eyes and said “Son, you both share a positive attitude and a smile.”
She said she had noticed me as I entered the plane, frantic from being late, apologizing to the pilot and attendants, yet smiling and being sincere. She said most people would have been negative, not placing the blame on themselves for being late. I hadn’t… and she had obviously noticed.
We ended up talking for three hours straight. The clothes she had on….well…they were not her everyday clothes after all. Turns out…she was a published author researching people. People’s impressions, actions, emotions, choices and reactions. I guess the morale of the story is… we should strive to be the best person we can be. Strive to be positive, and not be the negative person we’ve all shared time with in a line at some point in our lives.

Falling and Failures are our Best Instructors

The mistakes each of us may have made during our lives should serve as the greatest instructors that we will ever learn from. The lessons from them far excel the ones we learned in any classroom, playing field or executive conference room.
Falling and failing is what makes us who we are truly meant to be. Experience from the good and bad learning moments are what define each of us, making us stronger and fuels each of us through the days, weeks, months, and years in this world… that is life.
Be strong during the toughest challenges you may face, accept doubt, face fear, dismiss negative people and conquer whatever it may be. Be hungry…seek fulfillment in all that you elect to do.. fill your heart by doing what you love and feed the passion the runs through you.

Janay_Fall leaves 438

I Remember…

Perhaps it’s because I’m getting older, reflecting back on the moments and the years of my life a bit more than I once did. Seems almost tragic how fast the days now pass, how often we flip the monthly calendar pages, and the years go churning by like widgets on a production line. We all (yes, I’m guilty as well) seem to live each day in fast forward. Our kids or our neighbor’s kids that were once two or three years old… are now pimple-faced seniors ready to graduate high school. The garage or hall closet we all planned to clean out remains the same year after year, the importance low and always being put off until next weekend, month or year.

As we approach the end of another year, it’s hard not to think of the things that used to be routine and important. Traveling to visit with friends or relatives on Sundays, and then returning home and Mom frying chicken in a cast-iron skillet, the wonderful aroma of homemade cornbread baking in the oven. The smell stays with me even today. I only wish now that  I’d asked her for the recipe to both before she passed.

The family members all seated around the table, sharing a blessing before eating, talking about their day, the important things in their lives. I remember playing “I see something you don’t see” or board games after we ate.

We rode bikes, and played ball at the near-by parks, or on the paved streets of our neighborhood. Scotland Street being one end zone and Merritt Drive the other. The corner bases of our makeshift ball diamond being mailboxes and second base the lid of a gray metal trash can. We had invisible runners, and played until dusk or when our mom’s would call us in for dinner. I recall having to mow our neighbor’s yard an entire summer for hitting a ball through his front window. It was a game-winner for our team…so I didn’t mind so much.

On the Fourth of July, we laid coke bottles down and shot bottle rockets down the street.

I remember my dad spanking me with his belt on numerous occasions for my misbehavior at home or in school. The principal of the school also spanked me with a wooden paddle on several occasions. I guess climbing out the school room window when the teacher was writing on the blackboard with white chalk wasn’t such a good idea. However, I do remember gaining a few new friends, and seeing the girl I liked at the time smile when I was returned to the classroom with a sore butt. Maybe it’s just me… I think I turned out just fine without turning any of them in for child abuse.

I recall the family piling into the station wagon, going to Drive-Inn movies on Friday nights. My dad with his six-pack cooler, mom with freshly made sandwiches and snacks to save the family money at the snack bar. The playground under the screen kept those that became bored with the movie busy until the credits rolled.

On the way home, I remember the sounds of the gravel crunching underneath the tires and still see the lights of line of cars exiting. I either fell asleep or feigned being asleep so my dad would carry me into the house.